I want to PLAY!!!

After riding the Big Guy today, I stripped him of tack and put him in the dirt arena. I usually let him roll – and BTW he can now roll to his spine, all four feet in the air, but still not roll over, but this is a huge improvement and shows more muscle is coming back.

Once he got up and shook, he came trotting up to me, ears forward and stated quite clearly I WANT TO PLAY! and so then I asked him to take off, and he cantered about (lovely, lovely left lead with beautiful natural collection!) and we played some come to me – go away – and he just had a blast.

Ah it was so good to see him want to play – something we can never achieve in mind or body if we are in chronic pain.

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4 Responses to I want to PLAY!!!

  1. Kate says:

    Sounds like he’s feeling pretty good! I love it when horses want to play with people!

    • LOl Yes and he is not a horse who wants to play with people… so it was double good and might be a sign that the work we did when he was healing has paid off (spending more down time with him, going back to Clicker Training, more ground work etc…).

      It was like a big dog coming to ask me if I would throw a stick! 😀

  2. It is good that he is feeling well. It is fun when horses play, and one can just see how well they feel in themselves.

    I’m not sure that every horse is able to roll and go right over. I’ve had a few that had to get down and roll one way, then get up and go down again to roll the other way. Or maybe I just had odd horses?

    • I think it depends on their flexbility – pony can flip over easily – ZZ can sometimes but I know she is stiffer on one side then the other. I am surprised at how he can get right on his spine which I think shows he has become more flexible.

      People worry about horses rolling as a sign of colic; my trimmer told me that if a horse shakes after rolling then they are okay. Don’t know if it is true but since watching the horses do this, every time they have gotten up they have shaken – of course none was in colic.

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