Big Guy is obviously feeling much, much better. He is getting back to his old self, not wanting to stand still, fidgeting and all his other ADHD symptoms of impatience and inability to focus. Normally, of course this wouldn’t be a ‘good thing’ but it is a huge indicator that he is feeling more like his old self.

Unfortunately, since there is no barn for the horses to use (only for hay storage and the tractor, and a stall with only rough chunky gravel and no light), the Dr. had to work on him in the shelter of a storage container that broke most of the wind. Thankfully, the temps had risen to 60 today after being in the 20’s & 30’s all week.

He continues to have an issue on his right side, that is about 6 inches off the spine on the top of his rib cage. She thought this was probably old scar tissue and I’ve never noticed it before myself so it’s good to know about and perhaps work on for him.

His responses to the back work was immediate and he lifted his back even MORE, as well as holding it up for a very long period of time.

For a workout, she wants me to start backing him up and I will have to write that I’m bad about enforcing this as an exercise. Will try to be better and get him moving his hind legs more.

She didn’t feel that he would need work in January, so instead, I’ll be bringing our dog Cookie to her at the store she works out of in Jan. and hopefully she can provide some help for her post-surgery ACL weakness.

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