free to be me

For the first winter, in about 10 years, I have not had to worry about the horses during the ice and snow storm which struck our area Christmas Eve. It has been weird to say the least, but something that I have been very grateful for.

Christmas Eve, about 2 p.m. the rain turned to raining ice, and earlier then usual the roads were slick and very dangerous by 4 p.m. Luckily, we had finished all Christmas grocery and other shopping by noon as I had reviewed the weather (an old habit of my Barn Manager days a million times in one day) and knew we needed to get it all wrapped up.

Christmas day we woke up to a white holiday – very unusual – and the danger of the streets could be gauged by the fact that no one passed our house (a busy exit area of our suburban neighborhood) for 48 HOURS. Highways were closed and all I could think of, sitting by the fire, sipping hot chocolate is: “Boy, am I glad I am not Barn Manager any more!”

Last year, with Big Guy’s broken pelvis, I often sat in his run-in shed, talking to him, feeding him carrots, and getting so chilled, I would be shaking in the car for another 20 minutes under the heater. Even though we had the horses in full care, I didn’t really have any benefit from it last winter because of BG’s special needs (i.e. multiple daily stall muckings, cracking his water buckets, Reiki treatments, keeping him company and just plain worrying).

I did receive a few email updates from where I keep my horses, and since I grouse so much, I want to say THANK YOU to her for doing what she did caring for my beasties so I did not have too.

The day after Christmas we did run the kids over to a store so they could use their gift cards. However, it was obvious to my teen son we needed to just get home, as he commented, because of the stupid drivers honking their horns, cutting in and out, and the real stupid moron who thought he might want to play chicken with the snow plow (tip: snow plows always win).

Today, most of the thoroughfares are clear and I got over to the bookstore (hm very needed!), to the Y to work out, and to the mall to return some things. The road to the horses is on some less used streets as well as a graveled one so that will need to wait.

More snow expected tomorrow.

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5 Responses to free to be me

  1. Debbie Thomas says:

    I am glad you didn’t have to get out this year I was wondering about the horses do they like running in the snow? I hope Big Guy takes it easy this time.

    • Yes, it’s been SO weird not having to dig myself out and get out twice a day. Even during that week we had not electricity, I was at YOU KNOW WHERE feeding the horses; and before that out at MHF to feed as the owner didn’t feed.

      BG better be good! I think all the horses have hidden in their sheds for the most part. I’m thinking, like kids, the snow might have been fun at first, but now they are wondering why they can’t lay down in the grass and get a bit of sun. 😀

  2. Yes, this is not a good time of year to be barn manager. I’m glad that you have managed to get some rest and time free from worry.

    • Yes, I have forced myself to “resign as general manager of the universe”. The horses are blanketed, have sheltered, are being fed, and hot water tanks for water.

      My focus needs to be on some other things right now so actually I’m glad it’s winter and the burden of “doing” with the horses isn’t as high as it will be come spring.

      More Canadian/Artic air coming down tonight with more snow predicted. The kids are saying schools will be closed, but I’m hoping that is wishful thinking 😉

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