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mommy guilt

When I was leaving the barn on Saturday, Z followed my car down the fenceline, trotting after me – DON’T LEAVE ME AT CAMP MOMMY!!!! The guilt has been with me ever since. 😛 That horse….

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another great ride

Okay I think an alien has come down and replaced my horses’ brain… had another great ride today with Big Guy. The temps today were lovely but we had a good amount of wind, which if you have much dealings … Continue reading

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Suffering Fools

Something that really hacks me off in the horse world, that I’ve been meaning to write about for some time, but wondered how to approach it… so I”ll just write about it even if it comes out in an incoherent … Continue reading

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First Ride – 2010

Yesterday I got my first ride done on Big Guy for the year WOOHOO!! The weather here has sucked this winter and I’ve been more sensitive to cold this winter then ever before. After visiting with the ob-gyn, it seems … Continue reading

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comedy of errors

Yesterday was a funny day with the horses. Once I got there, Pandora’s eyes were burning a hole in my back. COME PLAY WITH ME!! Took her to the roundpen where we did follow me at my side, leg lifts, … Continue reading

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