Pony visitation

On the day I was moving Pandora, she seemed a little off to me (meaning not stepping through). Once she got moved over, the new place BO told she thought she was a little off and observing her, I thought at first it was the right fore. Today, I had a chance to visit her at the new place and it seems to be the left hind.

Since lameness is diagonally related this makes sense. It was probably the left hind all along and it was just showing up in the right fore. How long this has been an issue I do not know.

I’ve prescribed powdered bute (apple flavored) in a bit of wet feed for three days. Then every other day for 3 days. I think this will take care of any soreness, however, I may put her on a bit of InflammaSaver once I re-order a supply for Big Guy.

Perhaps old age is catching up with the little girl – and I do know, once upon a time, she had tangled with barbed wire as that leg has a pronounced scar about the fetlock.

I’m glad to report that she seems very happy at her new home – all the ponies are getting along well. She has her plush pony friend, and a young boyfriend who knows that Pandora smells like good Spring stuff (she is in heat), and everyone seemed quite content.

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