comedy of errors

Yesterday was a funny day with the horses. Once I got there, Pandora’s eyes were burning a hole in my back. COME PLAY WITH ME!!

Took her to the roundpen where we did follow me at my side, leg lifts, bow/stretch, reach/stretch, and went for a walk on the property. Meanwhile, once Z sees us she has a temper tantrum – running about in the field all the while STARING AT ME… and clearly stating I SHOULD BE FIRST!!

Once I got done with Pony, I got Z out and she was very smug about it. We did come to me and leave and some awesome work where she came up to the mounting block and let me pet and put pressure on her back. I am hoping to actually get some weight on her by the end of the month in preparation for mounting (woohoo!). She clearly remembered more then I thought she would and has matured mentally quite a bit since last fall.

She clearly wanted to go for a walk on the property too. I had taken her and Big Guy out over the weekend and walked the big pasture. However, if we left the vicinity, BG was going to get upset.

As it was Big Guy “disappeared” like the Cheshire Cat. I eventually sighted him hiding behind a tree, his head poking around watching us. When I brought Z back to his pasture, she balked going through the gate and Big Guy silently and stealthly slipped around and OUT THE GATE!

I got her put up, walked down and closed the exit gate and grabbed the bucket of feed I had been using earlier.

Meanwhile, BG has headed over to the construction area, avoiding the many post holes dug out (as I was imaging him slipping into one and breaking his damn leg), and entered the barn to check out all the Layyyyyddddiessss. As I enter the opposite end of the barn, he quietly and purposefully slips out the other side. DRAT HIM!

As I come around the barn’s corner, he has again completely vanished. As I’m looking around, I see him down at the ponies (probably about a dozen car lengths away from where he exited) – he must have teleported! He is sniffing noses and checking out all the LAAAAYYYYDIESSSS!

I walk up slowly and he ambles back down the fenceline towards Z. I can tell he is thinking of taking off again and letting me chase him about so I stop, rattle the feed bucket, take a step backward and turn my shoulder to him. He comes up, drops his head to eat, I touch his shoulder and halter him.

Yes, everyone is feeling good and the fact that BG didn’t run around like a chicken without it’s head really impressed me. He was just curious and like the other two WANTED TO BE FIRST!!

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4 Responses to comedy of errors

  1. Debbie Thomas says:

    I wish I could have been there to see that! πŸ™‚

  2. It sounds like quite an amusing time. What a good thing that he is bribeable!

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