First Ride – 2010

Yesterday I got my first ride done on Big Guy for the year WOOHOO!!

The weather here has sucked this winter and I’ve been more sensitive to cold this winter then ever before. After visiting with the ob-gyn, it seems this may be due to being peri-menopausal now, as well as the low Vit D from my blood tests. For whatever reason, I get cold in my hands and feet very easily now, and being in the wind has always given me ear aches in my right ear and jaw.

Another excuse or reason, is that at our old barn I did not feel comfortable with the areas to ride. The arena was extremely uneven, small, with no regular working of the dirt (which was hard lumps) with trash sticking out of it. The field was better but the moles made it uncertain again as to safety even while walking.

Admittingly, I also did not want to be at the old barn. Every time I went out there, someone would show up, and I am a loner. When I am with my horses, I generally just WANT TO BE with my HORSES. I like to get into a quiet frame of mind and just exist in the same bubble with them, melding into their beings.

So anyway to yesterday’s ride – which was great BTW – I was very impressed by the Big Guy. I had noticed during and after the move that he seemed to be taking it all in stride. The few days after the move, there was a bit of anxiety, looking about and calling to the other horses but nothing out of the ordinary and nothing fixated or obsessed.

When he deliberately escaped (c’mon at his age he knows what a gate was), he was so calm about it – visiting the other horses and checking it all out.

From grooming to mounting he was very calm. Much more calm then he has traditionally been. Walking went very well – even last November during my rides, you could tell he was hesitant and would often slide on one leg (the back right hind where the injury occured). Each step he took was solid – no hesitation – no halfway attempt but landing completely. This is a huge improvement since last fall.

I did ask him to trot a few steps and he did not want to listen to my aids (next ride, I’ll have a whip). When he finally did take a few trot strides, they again were SOLID, sure steps with no unevenness to them. WOOHOO!! That is the first trot he has taken under saddle in over a 14 months!

After we got done riding, we took BG and ZZ on a hand walk down the trail. This property has access to true trails down into the woods and valley. Again, he totally surprised me. He was eager, obviously wanted to step out and go, and completely no craziness – hepped up out of control excitement, or spookiness!!

I was very shocked to tell the truth and had told the property owner he would not be a trail horse – now I’m not so sure….

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2 Responses to First Ride – 2010

  1. Kate says:

    Sounds like he’s happy with the new digs – which is a good sign.

  2. Debbie says:

    Thats wonderful sounds like the new place is perfect for him and you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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