Suffering Fools

Something that really hacks me off in the horse world, that I’ve been meaning to write about for some time, but wondered how to approach it… so I”ll just write about it even if it comes out in an incoherent mess….

The only reason this advice is tiresome, irritating, frustrating and plain just infuriating is that the person giving it NEVER LISTENS. It flows out of the advice givers mouth with the power of a broken sewage line. There is no stopping to discuss or CONVERSE about the ideas of what they are presenting. No, everything they state is truth.

And if you don’t do it their way you are harming your horse, an idiot, not a True Believer of the Natural… or whatever else bullshit they can drum up to make you submit to their ideas of what Horse Training Really Means.

Recently, I’ve been under the onslaught of someone trying to give me advice on how to train ZZ due to a few videos that are now over a year old on Youtube. Let me give you some advice back:

1.) I would like to see ONE video of you working a horse. Still don’t see one. Yet, still you are handing out your advice. Once you get a video up and working, then perhaps, I might give you the time of day.

2.) ZZ is dominant. She has scared people, even some horsepeople. She is not for a beginner or someone who thinks they can go read the Bible to her in her stall and get her to behave due to the word of the Lord. I think if you and her were in a roundpen together she would have you climbing the pen’s panel in about 10 minutes while she had a bite of your pants between her teeth.

3.) Most so-called horse trainers who ladle out such stupid advice work primarily with geldings – animals that have lost part of their essential self and do not have the instinct, hormone driven personality of a stallion or mare. Try a mare for once and then come back and tell me that you can ‘bond’ with your horse because you sat out in the pasture staring at her for five hours.

4.) Again most of these so-called horse trainers DON’T RIDE! So until you do, don’t bother giving me advice on my riding or my training.

5.) Don’t go on and on and on about what you see in a video. It’s short, doesn’t tell the true story anyway, and is only a smidgen of my real life. The truth is judging someone by a video is pretty silly as the horse and person can change in a heartbeat.

Just like a video of Carolyn Resnick working with a dominant colt, she CUTS THE VIDEO when the horse gets too demanding – and then cuts back AFTER she has fixed the problem. Have you ever wondered what happened during the cut? I sure as hell have… like I said videos easily lie or don’t tell the whole story.

6.) Instead of spending your time writing myriad comments on my Youtube account, VISIT THE BLOG! Which I have said a million times as it explains my philosophy so much better then a short video.

7.) Discuss what YOU do – and SHOW ME – don’t tell me what I should do with a horse you have never met. I have found so many people have a Dream Ideal of what they are going to do with their horse and then their horse slaps them upside the head with a hoof and those plans rather quickly change.

I suspect you are one of those Dreamers…

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