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Got to the barn and BigT had blood running down his front legs, and LadyZ had slices off her rear, which seemed to me to be from the slice of hooves – razor sharp.  My guess is that BigT had tried … Continue reading

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No better thing…

I want to capture the magic before it blows away… yesterday, I cantered BigT for the first time since we left the Hell Farm. That means probably 18 months to 2 years of not cantering. When we moved it was … Continue reading

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The Rules

This is a post that many won’t like. It’s realistic about our life with horses and unfortunately, the horse world sways to either being a hardass disciplinarian tyrant or a silly old lady with a hat who is feeding lions … Continue reading

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Both horses got treated by my animal chiropractor yesterday. BigT hasn’t been done since December, primarily due to financial reasons but also because of the move and since he wasn’t in “work”, it was hard to justify the continual expense. … Continue reading

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basic giving to pressure

I am not a “Cowboy-Trainer” however, unlike many who lean towards “gentler” methods I do appreciate some of their ideas. For example, early on, a halter will be placed on a horse with an attached leadrope. The horse (or more … Continue reading

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Big Daddy and Little Boy Pony

During part of my routine today, I had BigT and LadyZ out in the commons area so they could graze. They generally hang out at two adjoining fencelines where they can gossip with the ponies on one line or the full … Continue reading

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Fireworks and it’s not even July yet!

I am stepping up LadyZ’s training. A nice groundwork foundation was laid last summer but now it’s time to get down with it. Today, was to see what she remembered about lunging in a halter.  Both sides, no problem walk- trot. … Continue reading

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