Gold Stars for the Horses!

What a wonderful day I had with the horses! Just perfect in so many ways….

Cleaned up Big Guy’s tail. The coconut oil is a MAGNET for dirt and he obviously rolled about. I just used a bit of soap and did a quick wash. His tail is SOOOOOO soft now! Wow! I have been trying for 4 years to get this tail to stop feeling like straw and the coconut oil did the trick.

We rode in the freshly harrowed arena. Oh so nice! No weeds, bumps or roughs. This is larger then a dressage arena which I like because BG, once we get going, really needs room for his canter.

Despite the wind he was sooooooo GOOD! Wow! We even did a little trot and he gave it willingly. Except for the first trot, clockwise (healed fracture on inside) he did not show a hint of lameness. Of course, I’m working him in a big area and not doing circles or sharp turns.

I’m excited to go out there and ride! Double Woohoo!

LadyZ (she has matured so much) let me take off all the ticks in her female area with NO kick! That was amazing. I think she knew she wanted them off and I was helping her… this from the filly that won’t let you easily lift her hind feet – and I was doing it free, while she was grazing.

We also did RP work and she is showing quite clearly that she has picked up on the canter cue from the ground. Now I need to get her to start staying and switching between the gaits.

I ate my lunch, sitting on a stone bench while watching the horses’ free graze in the common area and listening to the birdsong.

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