more riding, more hiking

Played with the horses Sunday with my friend Debbie. Big Guy got a little riding and continues to improve. Each ride I am growing more and more comfortable with BG. It’s like finding that comfie pair of jeans that you just slide back into. I am now daydreaming about cantering… this is a good sign but don’t know if he is up to it yet. We shall see.

Took LadyZ and BG off for a hike through the woods. They are now pros on this walk and again wonder if I could ride BG with another calm horse (though LadyZ would go nuts being left behind). Shall talk it over with the BO and see if we could do it. I am just a bit freaked out about it which means I am going to force myself to do it!

Started the bodyclip on Pandora which I hope to wrap up tomorrow.

Thursday I go see a horse I cannot afford. Something though makes me want to see him so thus I will go (with NO checkbook).

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