Fireworks and it’s not even July yet!

I am stepping up LadyZ’s training. A nice groundwork foundation was laid last summer but now it’s time to get down with it.

Today, was to see what she remembered about lunging in a halter.  Both sides, no problem walk- trot. Adding canter is a new thing which I first started loose in the roundpen last week. It was clear that the left lead canter (counter-clockwise) is difficult for her to take.

Now on a lunge circle, the right lead was a bit sticky but she got it quick enough. Rewarded with a rest and a bit of carrot.

The left lead – Oh Boy! the fireworks came out! We got bucking, kicking, trying to run away, and finally some full height rears! (hmmm your tummy looks so cute!)…

Well, it was just her protesting that she didn’t wanna do it… and it was me not getting worked up but saying okay, I see you lodged your protest, now we are going to do it anyway. Although it may have looked scary from the ground, I could tell she wasn’t dead serious about it because if she had been she would never have settled down and could easily have just torn the lunge line away or charged me.

Like I wrote, just lodging a protest.

Finally she got it, then got a bit of carrot and a release to the arena.

I’ll be glad when the chiro works her Saturday and I am reassured that there is no physical reason for not getting this canter lead. If there is I am sure Dr. D can get her fixed right up.

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