New World Order

When Pandora entered the pony herd, all went smoothly. She went near the bottom and slid right into the routine without a fuss.

Pony R, immediately became her obedient and worshipful servant following her about. However, last week, when leaving the barn, I noticed that Pandora gave two double barrel kicks (no contact) and took Pony L (herd leader) off the hay bale. Hmmmm….

So today, I was informed that a Coup d’etat had been successfully completed. Pandora, a wolf in pony’s clothing, had infiltrated the herd. Pony R was an easy takeover. Pony F, being a boy, liked any girl that smelled good and confused his mind: mission accomplished. Pony PC is pretty much stoned out of what mind she has so doesn’t count as a vote.

Pony L was challenged and taken down.

Pandora has had many nicknames: Ninja Pony or Stealth Pony being two because of adeptness of appearing right behind you when you least expected it. Though in my own herd she is subservient to the Big Horses she has never let that stop her from snatching feed or doubling back on being chased off and getting back before the large horse has a chance to even turn and re-group.

I hope all will settle down. Time will tell.

Meanwhile, this is why I am amused by people who say horses are not dominant or aggressive in their hierarchies. Yeah, sure, and they all vote democratically about who will be lining up for food…

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