Big Daddy and Little Boy Pony

During part of my routine today, I had BigT and LadyZ out in the commons area so they could graze. They generally hang out at two adjoining fencelines where they can gossip with the ponies on one line or the full board horses at another.

Little Boy Pony has decided that BigT is AWESOME… Somehow he instinctively knows that BT is male and has been looking to him to tell him how to get on (LBP is housed with all mares). Whenver Little Boy Pony notices BigT is in areas of the farm where he can be seen, LBP comes up to the fence to stare at him and also watches him when we ride in the arena.

Today, BigT hung his head over the fenceline and Little Boy Pony decided he could play with him – trying to bite his face like geldings do when they play their head butt games. So Little Boy Pony is reaching up, showing his teeth, sometimes biting the halter, and BigT is standing there very patiently and letting him.

Sorry no pics, but it was very cute… like a patient older brother letting the kid brother climb all over him.

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