Both horses got treated by my animal chiropractor yesterday. BigT hasn’t been done since December, primarily due to financial reasons but also because of the move and since he wasn’t in “work”, it was hard to justify the continual expense.

He was slightly sore on his back, more on the right then the left. I was reassured that she didn’t feel this was due to saddle fit as I always fret about that and he has gone back under saddle this month. The reason she didn’t think it was saddle fit was because once she worked the area, she got results, and it has not been a re-occuring problem. Now if next time he is still sore in the same area, I definitely will be re-evaulating the saddle fit.

Overall, I thought he did very well considering he had been fidgeting in the barn with the change of schedule and being put up to await the appt. due to rain. I would love to continue his treatments every month but financially won’t be able too so I’m hoping to put him on an every other month schedule after his May appt.

This was LadyZ’s first appt. and I have been wanting her to examine her for some time – just again, no money. What I had noticed is that LadyZ had trouble taking the canter, both sides, but more on the left lead canter. She also was overally sensitive to having pressure on her back during our pre-mounting exercises and she was very stiff, and not very able to do carrot side-to-side bends.

Well, I’m glad I had her looked at because she was SORE SORE SORE!! Her neck crest was very hard and rigid. Just touching her chest sent her into a nip reaction. She was sore again on her lumbar vertebrae and another area right under her tail (don’t remember the muscle name). It was a struggle to get her done – much nipping in reaction to pain – but once she relaxed, she really melted.

I think the next visit will go much more smoothly since she won’t be in so much pain. Mostly I’m just glad to see her get some relief and look forward to seeing how much this changes our work together.

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  1. I’ve had good results with a chirpopractor, both equine and human. I’m glad that you’re finding this useful.

    • Yes, but horribly expensive. Her fees have gone up and this last bill was a big *gulp*. I’ll be cutting back to alternating to one horse every other month or something.

  2. We pay the equivalent of about $50 a session for someone good. How does that compare with your situation?

    • horseideology says:

      Probably about the same if you figure the exchange rate is 2 (pounds) to 1 (dollar). Each horse was $110 (was $90 last fall) and then there was a $40 farm visit I got socked with (which I did not get at the old place because it was closer in).

      This is the problem with having multiple horses that people really dont’ figure up. They look only at board but there is the doubling in price of fly spray, blankets, saddles (if your horse is hard to fit), trimmer/shoeing etc…

      To have both done was $250 and because I’ve cut my board in half by the move was able to do it.

      Next week my trimmer comes and hubby has taken over doing the pony (that saves $40 USD), and if she doesn’t take much off the horses (he will have recently done them too) then I am moving all three to his trim work (savings of $120 USD every 6 weeks).

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