No better thing…

I want to capture the magic before it blows away… yesterday, I cantered BigT for the first time since we left the Hell Farm. That means probably 18 months to 2 years of not cantering. When we moved it was to pasture board with no arena, and when we got to 3HF, he ended up fracturing his pelvis.

At trot he gave me a canter step or two on the left lead so the next time around I asked for canter and it was GLORIOUS – PERFECT POETRY… I have NEVER gotten such a canter lead from BigT like this. It was worthy of something Dear One would have given me.

I was in awe. I was floored. I was ecastic! I wet my breeches….

Hubby was at the fence, so we walked over and got a bit of carrot. Then we went and did it again. OMG….

Logically, this should have been the canter lead that sucked since the right hind would have been the strike off and that was the area fractured.

The right lead canter was like riding Frankenstein. The imbalance that I had already noted during clockwise trotwork showed up quite obviously and painfully.

I am hoping I can improve it so today when I go out (leaving after this post), I’m setting up some gymnastic exercises for him. I think this is from not shifting his weight properly as when I ask for him to move my inside leg (right) to the outside (which would be his left hind, and the weight bearing leg in the right lead canter) he does not shift the weight easily.

Overall though… I am sooo very happy.

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