Got to the barn and BigT had blood running down his front legs, and LadyZ had slices off her rear, which seemed to me to be from the slice of hooves – razor sharp. 

My guess is that BigT had tried to mount her and she disagreed. I know in the past he has done so with my mare Dear One who had no objection as they were a “pair”. Yesterday there was much brohaha with each mare in season, and the geldings being confused and excited as all get out.

I washed him off and applied some cream. An email from the BO says he has some swelling that has now developed on his chest and front leg (more evidence that he was kicked by LadyZ’s powerful hindlegs). They are separated, in adjoining fields, and he is on Bute.

No riding…

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3 Responses to altercation

  1. Oh dear, that’s not good. Hope they’re well again soon.

    Doru has a few scrapes too because he’s covered the mare and she’s had enough after a week. I guess that she’s in foal by now.

    Horses have such a knack of causing trouble.

    • horseideology says:

      Yes, they do cause trouble! Find the one nail in the whole pasture kinda thing…

      Guys just don’t know when to stop! Big Guy was cooing over the fence to another mare who would sniff him, pin her ears, back off and then come back to sniff again. The whole time his ears are forward and he turns to me with a “yeah, these girls dig me” – does not GET IT!

      But he is improving quickly so thankfully not much damage to the Old Man.

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