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what an awesome boy

I did get a chance to ride BigT today. He was already sweated from the heat, and as I expected and checked when I got home, we had our first Ozone Alert day (which IMO makes it hard for horses … Continue reading

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Not an Angel today

LadyZ was no Lady today…she got into a huge battle with two other horses that I mistakenly thought she would be okay with on turnout. Things quickly went really bad. 😦 I stuck her in the roundpen and we worked … Continue reading

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No fluke Jennifer!

Got on twice today! woohoo! Her mood though was far more WTF?? and lots of pinned ears though she tolerated it. I’ve come to the conclusion that if I sent her to someone else they would mount her, ride her and … Continue reading

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First Time on her Back! woohoo!

As promised our video! Woohoo! I am so excited! Hubby helped out by holding the lead rope, target stick and to dispense treats. Soon it will be just Z and I, doing it alone but for now it was great … Continue reading

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we did it!!

I got on Z’s back! woohoo! All went well! Hope to have a video up later!

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When working with LadyZ in close quarters, I am still puzzled and frustrated by her lack of physical dexterity. She is no way as fluid as Beautiful Boy was and getting her to mirror my own body movement in carriage … Continue reading

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When Love Hurts…

Z has gone back to attacking BigT. The BO had gone into the pasture to pet BigT and Z slowly walked up, turned and doublebarreled him as calmly as if she was asking for the time. Here’s the issue, as I … Continue reading

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