pre-mounting exercises and voice commands

On LadyZ’s training, I am now getting canter evenly and smoothly both directions when on a lunge. I will continue to work with her on this and start adding a saddle for her to work in to get used to the weight and movement on her back during the gaits.

Today, I took her for a walk down the country trail. This is the first time I have taken her by herself and except for one balk at the beginning it all went smoothly. As I continue to companion walk her, we will do it with her buddy BigT or alone, and if with another horse, have the two horses switch trail positions on who is leader/follower, and teach her to stop and wait while the other horse leaves. All done on the ground but in reality, for the purpose of smoothly transitioning to under saddle work when ready.

I’m continuing with getting her to stand at the mounting block. This game is not going as well as I would like. She doesn’t get that I want her in a certain position to get her treat; she would rather stay grazing the grass in the roundpen. sigh. We continue to keep the reinforcement going on this job to learn.

Today, I pushed the mounting more by swinging an actual leg over with one leg on the mounting block. It put me in a precarious position for sure, so it was helpful to have hubby at the front and to the side, feeding a bit of pellets as rewards for standing still with ears forward. At one point she reached around to nip me, so I scooted off and we went back to a higher level game of w-t-c by voice commands then back to the mounting block.

To take this further in a safe way I’m really going to need a higher mounting block, just 6 inches taller and I could smoothly just slide over.

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