more pre-mounting work

LadyZ is slowly progressing. Yesterday, I started lunging her with a halter, while under saddle during walk and trot. Although she gave a small crow hop, going counter-clockwise (her rough direction) she then settled right down. Today, she didn’t even give me that much of a protest and went right into what I requested with some nice walk-trot-walk transitions by voice and signal.

Lunging under saddle will be part of the workout now. The canter is still giving her some trouble when she is at liberty in the roundpen, but once she can go smoothly and consistently into canter, I’ll add that to the lunging under saddle work.

Yesterday was a bit of a downer day. I felt like I was not breaking through to her about how to stand at the mounting block and her attitude when I lean over her is kinda bitchy-mare, pinned ears (sometimes) and a warning look. How could I get her to calm down about all this?

Today, in the large arena I put the mounting block over in a favored corner (outside the corner, BigT was grazing so she naturally would want to be over there). When she came up to the mounting block I gave her a carrot to align her in the right position. If she would stand still while I got on top of the mounting block she got a carrot, and if she would let me lean over her and kept her ears forward, she got a carrot.

If she moved about, I sent her away from the mounting block and kept her away from the favorite corner. If she approached the corner, ears forward, and walked towards the mounting block, she got a carrot.

This “game” interested her more then the roundpen work. She started ignoring BigT and would walk back up to the mounting block willingly. I feel like it went a bit better and she had more of a buy-in attitude to the work.

I’m really hoping I can get a real leg over and be on her back by the end of May but really, it has to be on her schedule.

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