LadyZ was very funny today.

I had let both of them out to graze, while I washed, shampooed and conditioned BigT’s tail. She came over to find out what I was up too, sniffing his butt and supervising the shampooing.

Later, when I was brushing out his mane with detangler she had to come over and slowly and very gently pushed her way in between so she could get some ME!! time.

Then she came over to get her head super-rubbed and because she STILL wanted to do something afterwards, I took her for a hike in the woods. When I put her back in her pasture she gave me a little baby whicker “goodbye-don’t leave!”

She cracks me up. I love her big personality and I just don’t see me selling her even though she is smaller then I had expected. Not sure, but figure she will be with me doing whatever we end up doing….

Lady Z’s Training Schedule

May-September 2010 (turns four in August)


  • Standing still for fly spray application
  • Improving standing still for hoof pickups, trims and pick outs
  • Bathing
  • Clippers
  • Voice commands: walk, trot, canter, whoa, and back during lunging and driving work.
  • Lunging walk and trot with halter and under saddle (adding canter *new)
  • Saddling and sacking out with various equipment along legs, over back etc…
  • Trailer loading (would like a session every other weekend)


  • Standing in crossties during grooming and hoofwork
  • Opening mouth, introduction of bit
  • Canter depart (correct lead) in roundpen and eventually on lunge by voice
  • Shaping body movement during walk, trot and canter through imitation and cordeo work
  • Introduction of sidepull – beginning of turns with sidepull from ground and under rider
  • Line driving with halter and surcingle at walk and trot in arena and on trail
  • Shoulder in during in-hand work
  • Mounted work, roundpen – free walking with rider bareback
  • Mounted work, arena – free walking and trotting with rider bareback


  • Chiropractor visits – at least three
  • Design an exercise program to increase flexibility
  • Add hoof builder supplement
  • Add Mare herbal supplement
  • Add Antihistamine supplement for summer months
  • Shots
  • Worming
  • Trimming every 4 weeks
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