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I guess one of the things that continues to irritate me with the horse training world (not the horses, never the horses – it’s always people), is that let’s say I have a certain level of training I want to achieve – we shall call it Level X.

Now, to achieve Level X, there should be a series of training steps to get there. This is only logical and though horse training is not always linear, it is progressive and builds upon lessons learned to advance.

You will find plenty of information about groundwork basics, but little information (for free) about advanced groundwork. You will find plenty of information about sacking out and getting the first ride on your horse but you will find little about how to get past sitting on the back of a green horse.

To me the reason this is, is manifold yet still frustrating:

1). Most horse owners do not know how to train a horse so rely upon paid trainers to correct or teach the horse, w/o the rider involved.

2.) Most trainers I know were seat of the pants trainers who had trouble explaining anything. They are generally do’ers not thinkers.

3.) Horse trainers want to keep their “secrets.”

4.) It takes a lot of time and money (photos, video, writing) to explain step by step how to do these things. Often, even if you spend a lot of time giving these details, people still misconstrue what you are doing (that has been so apparent with my Youtube account).

5.) The finer details that I want to learn are the very hardest to convey because it deals with feel and feel has to be taught by the horse, and then the handler has to listen and try again, and the horse has to return that answer with more feedback.

So here I have a young filly that I want to train to Level X and though I have gun and it’s loaded, sometimes I’m shooting in the dark.

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