When working with LadyZ in close quarters, I am still puzzled and frustrated by her lack of physical dexterity. She is no way as fluid as Beautiful Boy was and getting her to mirror my own body movement in carriage has been an uphill struggle.

I’m not seeing much improvement but that has been the way in all things with her. Improvement doesn’t seem to be happening and then suddenly we will turn a corner.  For me this is something that must be worked on every session in order that she learn to carry herself properly before we ever begin under-saddle work.

I’ll be working with her more with in-hand work – goals are for an inside bend during curves, circles; and to start doing a shoulder-in as we increase a circle.

Meanwhile, during most of this work, she angled her hips to warn me she would kick the daylights out of me, so that had to be corrected with a whip. This torments me to a certain degree because I must be completely honest with myself and never strike out of anger. And biologically, it would be easy to strike out of anger. It worries me: the need and it’s application.

OTOH, I don’t want to end up at the emergency clinic like hubby did, getting my face stitched back together because Z decided to try to pulverize me. Luckily, she only sliced his eyebrow and didn’t hit his eye. I guess that is why nature gave us a brow, eye sockets, and eyebrows — all the better to train horses and keep our eyesight intact.

We did some w-t-c at liberty in the roundpen. She is picking up on canter more easily but is not taking it smoothly – tosses her head wildly – and then doesn’t stay in canter (btw has no trouble taking it in the field,either direction). I’ll be asking her to stay in canter for longer periods before she receives her click. Also, hope to have another chiro appt in July (can’t afford June).

Meanwhile, the work at the mounting block is really getting much better, partly due to the shorter target stick I’ve made. She follows it now to get into position and I can hold it for her to touch while I’m touching her back or leaning over her. It interests her more then just standing there.

Went back to introducing the clippers to her. Not quite ready for me to do the bridle path but will probably do the fetlocks when hubby can come help by feeding her carrots during the procedure. Since she hasn’t had a clipper on her for over six months, I thought this went better then expected.

Some cross-tying today. Stood like a gem.

Picked off some ticks. No attempt to kick at all.

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