When Love Hurts…

Z has gone back to attacking BigT. The BO had gone into the pasture to pet BigT and Z slowly walked up, turned and doublebarreled him as calmly as if she was asking for the time.

Here’s the issue, as I see it:

BigT’s opinion: I’m the Boss. He isn’t willing to give it up, but physically can’t always defend the title.

Z’s opinion: I’m the Boss. She is never going to back down from testing him every single second of the day.

I’ve separated them to next door paddocks. BigT has the BO’s omega gelding for company – but both are assiduously ignoring each other. It’s too soon too tell if they will become friends. BigT was too busy mooning over the fence, trying to get Z’s attention, to pay him much mind.

In working with Z today she was angling her butt right too me to take a kick. I put a stop to that. I really don’t like having to be so forceful with her but it’s like dealing with someone with the sensitivity of a rhinoceroses.

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