No fluke Jennifer!

Got on twice today! woohoo!

Her mood though was far more WTF?? and lots of pinned ears though she tolerated it.

I’ve come to the conclusion that if I sent her to someone else they would mount her, ride her and tell her to suck it up. Yeah they would get it done, but I will respectfully submit that I would get a very soured mare back. As those who have worked with mares, especially strong willed ones, know that getting a sour attitude can be rather too easy.

All this treating. clicker training and taking it slow is to convince her that “hm maybe this isn’t such a bad idea after all” – and changing ‘tude is far harder then getting on or moving the horse off under a rider. She’ll have the next two days off as I have car issues to deal with as well as school ending for both kids.

Much stuff accomplished this weekend:

Have videotaped and compiled the rough draft for the Behind the Bit video that I want to put at Common Sense Rider. I should have it wrapped up in another few days as it is just finetuning at this point. Rather hesitant because I hate putting myself riding on a horse on youtube. Ugh. I feel the info though is valuable so will risk it. Besides, comments will be turned off 😛

Z (front) and T (all) trimmed. BigT has a bad case of thrush due to these three weeks of rain. I’ll be putting together some homemade thrush spray for him.

T – sheath cleaned. Ticks removed from the horses and more Equi-Spot applied.

Clipper training for Z – got her pasterns trimmed though she is still shocked by the idea I might want to do a bridle path.

Fly spraying and Cross-tying lessons for Z.

Apparently, snakes are now climbing trees (per BO) and they are getting very close to the house!! Since we have venomous snakes here: 3 species of rattlesnakes, copperhead and cottonmouth (aka water moccasin), I am hoping the rain WILL go away and snakes can just slither back to their forests. I do not need to be looking up in the trees for snakes!

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