what an awesome boy

I did get a chance to ride BigT today. He was already sweated from the heat, and as I expected and checked when I got home, we had our first Ozone Alert day (which IMO makes it hard for horses and people to breathe).

What I thought I’d post about though is how awesome he did! The last two rides, since coming back and dealing with all this rain and his recent injuries (thanks to Z), he was very stiff and inflexible in turns or giving to the leg aids. I just figured this would what I would need to work us through the summer and that eventually he would show improvement with exercise.

He’s already so much better! Wow! I didn’t expect that.

He was bought as a lesson horse but after that didn’t pan out, became my personal horse. I spent a year re-training him and he became such a great horse (though dressage will never be his forte) and improved so much.

Then we went through a series of barns where I 1.) didn’t have an arena; or 2.) was working at hell barn and every time I got up to ride someone came over and interrupted me. There was a lot of time lost and it became very frustrating.

When Dear One died, the last two years of her life was spent spinning our wheels because of this barn hopping. I am not going to let that happen to my relationshp with BigT – though he may be (in my mind) semi-retired, he can do some work, learn some things and enjoy his senior years without being on the forehand or behind the bit.

Today was awesome so I’m hoping that signifies a great start to the summer!

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