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injection site reactions

After I gave the horses’ their shots, both developed some pancake thick, about the palm of my hand size, lumps where the injections were. So I thought maybe I had screwed it up. Today, I had a chance to talk … Continue reading

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Barn Design: Boarding paddocks with joint run-in shelters

At our previous stable, the biggest mistake made in the design was setting up the run-in sheds (or loafing sheds) far off from the common alley. This meant that if you were to feed, check on a horse in the … Continue reading

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Z’s injury update

She has one more day of penicillin. Thankfully, T is finished. Both horses are very tired of being poked. I hosed her off, sprayed her down with flyspray, rasped her front hooves, and then treated her wound again with Underwoods … Continue reading

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Being kicked by a horse in the face

Here is a photo of T’s mouth – week 1 about five days since the face kick: Although the two middle ones are now set back, they are staying in so far. Hopefully, the dental work at the end of … Continue reading

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dealing with biting flies

When I was at the previous barn we had a horrible time with biting flies, and at our current barn, we are being attacked again by these creatures and they are pissing me off! Line of attack: Fly spray – effective … Continue reading

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