Z bucked me off today. I am not surprised because I knew she was getting mad about this whole issue of being mounted. This is just her – because she has this strong will of what she wants to do and what she will and will not permit.

It’s also not surprising because you will often find a horse who progresses for a few days and then does a major backward shift in what the horse seems to know and understand. It’s three steps forward and two back – sometimes four back đŸ˜›

So the good news about it:

1.) I didn’t get hurt. I landed on my butt and back and she didn’t kick my face off in the process. Neither did she stomp my glasses which would be a major financial hassle right now to replace if need be.

2.) It told me I had pushed her too far in my eagerness to get things going. I need to let the time be the time a bit more.

3.) I didn’t listen enough to her signs of getting frustrated with me. I now know I need to listen closer to what she has to say.

4.) Sometimes when you haven’t fallen in a long time, you can build up in your mind the horrible event of falling off… it wasn’t that bad even though I bounced off her back in various body poses that would have done a Yogi proud.

I survived and I can get back on and ride without spending too much time dwelling on it. It some odd way it gives you more courage because you go “oh well, that wasn’t as bad as I had imagined.”

5.) We did some roundpen work afterwards and I was not in angry state or even really frustrated. Considering this is a PMS danger zone day and I had a confrontation with my sister three days ago that is really a huge step forward for ME.

I was just firm about demanding she come up to the mounting block and when she wouldn’t stand still at it, she got sent off to do some trotting about.

The real victory will be getting back on and having her stand still. I’ll go back to working with her standing and accepting pressure (after RP work) and then when hubby can help on Saturday, I’ll try mounting again.

I also need to give her better rewards – things she likes to do – like our trail walking or hand grazing. When the sidepull gets here we will be adding long-lining and I think this will help her too as she is clearly needing MORE to do that is stimulating.

Afterwards she stood perfectly still for the waterhose in the washrack. First time I’ve bathed her this year and as I had guessed, now that’s 90 degrees in the shade with too much humidity, she is begging for that cold water.

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