introducing the sidepull

I’m already loving the sidepull! First it was a great price (about $65), then it came quicker then I expected, and now I’ve tried it on Z and it looks great as well as being super functional.

At first Z was a bit disconcerted. Perhaps it was the jingle of the hardware? It took her a few moments to be okay with it.

I think my little helper is feeling a bit intimidated by Z. I’d rather all the kids be a bit leery about this mare and leave her alone unless I am there at the barn. She likes kids rather like cats like mice, and we know what happen to the mice in the long run… (or maybe like the monsters and boy in the movie version of Where the Wild Things Are?).

Z has a bit of a “deer in the headlights” look here… 😛 I think she knows this is the beginning of the end of summers off…

I picked up some reins at Tractor Supply (yummy store to shop) to compliment it. They attach with scissor snaps, so I attached to one side and walked beside her, introducing the idea she was to turn at a little bit of pressure and to whoa with backward rein pressure – which she did all quite easily!

This week I’ll continue introducing the sidepull and hopefully this weekend (around picking up kids) we’ll get to some driving and hopefully back to being on her back (without fireworks though).

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