face kick

Got a call Monday morning that T and Z had been fighting again. T had blood dripping from his mouth, so despite the torrential rain and flash flood warnings, I headed over to see him.

Guessing that this was the scenario: Z flashed that she was female and available; T mounted; Z changed her mind. This is why breeding operations have Teaser Stallions – so they can get their face punched in and not the valuable stallion.

T’s upper teeth are knocked back. I went by the vet Tuesday and dropped off directions and a map to the new place and got an appt for today.

Dr. Cowgirl checked him out and put him on a 5-day penicillian round (his mouth is already starting to smell) and it will be about 8 weeks before the inflammation and damage is healed. At that point, she’ll file down his fronts so they upper and lower teeth will connect again.

Now he’s on shredded alfalafa and well watered pelleted feed.

And I will no longer be keeping them together. I’ve learned my lesson and the love-hate relationship is now at an end.

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