current pasture layout

This is a rough approximate of our current boarding pasture. The orange building is the hay barn which has a loafing shed on one side that has a 12′ x 24′ (noted in lime green) of usable horse shed, with a 12′ x 8′ (teal/blue) that is storage – most likely will be used for hay.

The plan is to divide the loafing shed into two 12′ x 12′ “stall” areas. Either panels or fenceline (purple) will be put into place so a stall accesses the new pasture strip (on right) that runs parallel to the original pasture (left).

Red marks gates. The gates at the bottom open into the commons and leads to the roundpen, arena, and barn. The gate at top left side opens to the other pasture which we were using but is now going to be used for another boarder. The top red gate (in new pasture) opens to the road so it needs a padlock there.

The new pasture actually has better grass and more shade so it will become Big T’s for this summer. The original pasture is a bit rougher and needs to be sprayed and fertilized in the fall and spring 2011 to get better grass. Since Z is the easier keeper, this will be her pasture this summer.

My eventual plan is to put up electric (probably won’t happen til winter) – for one line it is approx. 2000 feet. This would electrify all the perimeter fenceline that is a bit wonky (some is good, other needs to be replaced), and the fence line between the horses. I’ll be going with some products from Premier 1 as I used their Endura Soft line when I worked at the Hell Barn Manager job and loved the results.

Since we are paying pasture board ($100 a month), improvements are falling on our financial head. I don’t like having to put money into a place. We’ve done it before and each time got burned.

We did get some railroad ties and gravel to fill in the run-in shed in order to improve the drainage. That was about $80.

The stall mats are portable and if need be, we can sell them or move them if/when we leave. Generally, stall mats retain value and sell quickly on Craigslist.

Hubby and I are talking about the separation fence (the purple) being wood which would be cheaper. We have built these before and unfortunately, when we left, had labor and materials lost to us financially.

This is why I favor panels that can be moved about for new configurations and can also be taken away if/when we leave . They also retain their value and can be sold quickly (high market value). But it has the highest, up front costs and right now, financially it will be a squeak for us.

Horses are trouble. They cost money. But I still love them.

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