Z’s side of the story

Of course after the vet left, I discovered a nice gash on Z’s gaskin that happened during the fight between her and T. ARGH!

Called the vet and got instructions: 5 days of penicillin, 20 cc’s, and use Underwoods with baking powder on the open wound. She was so good about letting me hose her down and clean out the wound. She’s obviously upset and a bit shaken about not having T with her and all the fracas that happened since. 😦

The good news is that the AllergySaver is definitely improving her allergies. No snot or congestion tonight and it’s been 9 days on the lowest dosage.

The flies have gotten horrible, so I will be setting some fly traps up in the run-in shed area.

We were lucky to pick up 4 of the stall mats we needed in order to re-surface the run-in shed area (where we had put gravel weeks ago). These are reconditioned mats from Tractor Supply at $19.99 each.

With the situation between Z and T, I’ve got to work out a layout where the run-in shed can house both of them safely and let each horse has it’s own individual pasture. This is going to take a few weeks to pull together but is not impossible to accomplish – just labor, basic supplies and some manpower as well as a bit of ka-ching to get it done.

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