Z’s injury update

She has one more day of penicillin. Thankfully, T is finished. Both horses are very tired of being poked.

I hosed her off, sprayed her down with flyspray, rasped her front hooves, and then treated her wound again with Underwoods and baking powder. The baking powder must do something as when I went back to take a peek it had bubbled. It doesn’t seem to sting as she takes it calmly.

T was happy to get out, rolled in the grass, snorting and grunting. He seems a bit more alert today, and, was stepping a bit more out on the hind end – no toe dragging – so perhaps the Arthroxigen supplement is finally giving results? Hm just in time for me not to be able to ride him until the sidepull gets here!

We are on a heat advisory until Tuesday with it being 105 degrees every day. T is on nightime turnout with stall during the day until I can get his new loafing shed area divided. If all goes according to plan, next weekend we will be setting posts.

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