Barn design: Loafing shed details

I’m getting a lot of hits from my previous posts on loafing sheds (see the Barn Design category for these posts), so I thought I would post some more photos which would give you some help in understanding how a loafing shed roofline is built:

Here is a side view of the loafing shed so you can see the profile of the roofline. I’ve found this bit of overhang quite convenient when you go out to feed, and allows the drip line to be further out from where the horses’ stand.

If you ever hang a gate to make the run-in a stall, then this type of overhang would allow the gate to be underneath, out of the weather, and allow a person to walk up to it and still be covered overhead when standing outside the gate.

Above photo is an interior view of the construction of the front overhang of the loafing shed shown in the first photo.

Here is the exterior, front view of the same loafing shed. You can see the angle of the roofline to allow run off.

To finish this wall, it should be sheathed with plywood for kick protection for your horses. Without it, any kick will go right through the metal, possibly shearing off the horses’ leg, and definitly damaging it in one way or another, resulting in a vet bill far more expensive then a few sheets of plywood would have been to begin with.

This unit was built with a tackroom at the end.

The entire loafing shed was built on skids. Personally, while this may sound convenient, I think it’s just a building waiting to be tipped over by wind (and yes, I’ve seen it happen). To be secure, this would need to be tied down with Mobile Home Ties and even then would still be vulnerable to high wind.

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8 Responses to Barn design: Loafing shed details

  1. Kate says:

    Very useful info – thanks!

    • horseideology says:

      I hope the pics are helpful. I know for those with carpentry skills they can figure it out from them 🙂

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