Yesterday, Z was a bit of a spitfire. Twice she almost got me with a kick, and I think the only reason she did not was because she pulled her punch. I figure that Roundpen work is going to be part of our daily routine as she needs time to get all her “mads” out before settling down to a job.

Her favorite method of intimidation: come up to you close – as if she wants to be petted. Start sliding by you, walking past. As she does this she gets closer and closer, so your bodies are touching and she has invaded your space to an uncomfortable degree As her last rib passes you, she will start to angle her butt and then a left hoof flies into a kick as she trots or canters away.

Later, she went over and visited her new pasture pal.

She has rushed over to him and jammed her nose under his throat – is it affection or intimidation? Note the Palomino’s attitude. He’s unsure about her intentions, ears are forward but he has turned his body away from her, allowing the sniff but ready to retreat if she shows aggression. He is also submitting – he has let her teeth right at his throat.

Pal has already told her she can be boss and so they groom now over the fence. This happy agreement was met after she took a chunk out his neck – his pound of flesh – paid to be friends and to keep the peace of the herd.

Yes, I don’t call her the Man Eating Mare of Diomedes for nothing.

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