Barn design: gate pass through

I’ve written about pass-throughs before but I wanted to share some photos of the one at our current barn as well as the measurements to make one.

This pass through is at the front entrance leading up to the deluxe barn and parking. The angle prevents horses from exiting but allows easy “pass through” for people. Placing such angled pass-throughs where there is a lot of foottraffic, especially through gates where you will be carrying feed, hay and buckets is a big time saver.

It allows you to go through without stopping, putting stuff down, unlocking gate, getting through, then locking gate, while a horse sniffs and pushes at you – or worse ESCAPES! If you have done alot of chores, you KNOW how frustrating it is to get through a gate in this manner!

Measurements: each V-leg is 42″ long; the bottom of the V to the opposite post is 32″; and each opening on the side is 27″ for a total of  length from the top left of the V to the rop right of the V is 54″.

Trust me, if you are doing a lot of chores, you will find this design very, very useful on saving time and preventing aggravation. 🙂

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