results and stiffness

Finally, I am getting consistent time in working Z and she is responding. She is now working comfortably in her sidepull (a bitless bridle) though of course we still have a lot more training to do on how she is supposed to respond to rein signals.

Yesterday, I put her back under saddle, and she took it calmly like she had done it a 100 times before. Working under saddle will now be a standard exercise in our roundpen work. Though I am still not happy with the saddle fit of BBoy’s True Brit, or BigT’s dressage saddle. Getting her properly fitted by the Master Saddler will need to done this fall.

As always, and I don’t know why, I’m amazed at how quickly a horse responds when you get down to working them almost every day.

Her wound has healed so nicely; it shrunk 50 percent overnight, and is now a bit bigger then a quarter. Since it is located on her right hind, where a driving line would lay, my plans on starting her driving education had stalled last week.

However, when I took her out to graze in her sidepull yesterday, I clipped on the driving line and was experimenting with me behind her while she walked and did a few turns. She was agreeable to the left/counter-clockwise, but as soon as I switched sides she became agitated and stiff.

She is so obviously sore when working Clockwise/Right. Financially, I will have to scrap up the money and starting in August have the chiropractor out to work her every month for some time. Whatever this stiffness is, it’s not going away with one or two sessions.

Exercises with Peggy Cummings, Connected Groundwork series would also be helpful after the chiro visits to encourage the body to heal and learn a better way. Although Peggy’s work sprung from Linda Tellington-Jones TTeam (and Sally Swift’s Centered Riding), for me, there is an obvious logic between the groundwork and the riding work, which is somtimes lost in TTeam – and the exercises are more simplistic then TTeam.

However, I do have to write that I am not overly fond of the dvd she produced, which is a bit repetitive and for the price, should have contained more information.

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