My plan yesterday was to work Z but we were already at 95 degrees, 105 with humidity, and on a heat advisory. By the time I got done with the little I did, I felt sick to my stomach. Time to go home.

Today is going to be no better. While the rain has helped keep the grass fire danger down, it has contributed to a suppressing heat that drains the life right out of me.

Today is T’s last day of antibiotic. The mouth smell has gone away so hopefully, he is clear now on infection, however, the mouth is just chock full of bacteria and there’s not much to do about that. I’m hoping that by the end of July we can get back to some sort of riding work which has to be without a bit as his mouth will only be halfway through the healing process.

He is keeping his weight on – probably due to the chopped alfalfa and the flaxseed in his pellets. Horses tear grass using their top teeth to cut, pulling downwards; he has developed another method – ripping upwards and letting the bottom teeth cut it for him.

Both of the knots on his neck caused by the 10 injections of Penicillin are now gone. Z has one knot which is taking it’s own sweet time in shrinking but it is not hot and it is going down, just slowly.

Z’s leg wound has healed sooo nicely. If she does end up with a scar it will be a small one. I wish I had gotten some decent photos of it to show how far it has come. The body’s ability to heal is simply amazing!

When I worked her yesterday, I tried the cordeo (Linda Tellington-Jones’ Balance Rein) and she was ticked off about it. Training Note to self: any sort of equipment on Z is going to initially elicit a pissy attitude. After some emphatic head shakes, with a bit of a rear, then trot offs in an attempt to shake it off, she decided that it was really way too hot to do anything but walk about in the roundpen looking drained.

Agreeing with her completely we did a bit of clicker-clipper training in the barn and wrapped it up. 

Progress is moving slowly now, which I can’t say I’m too happy about but that is the cycle of the weather around here. Training will pick up in mid-September once the heat eases.

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