Dating… with horses

Horse shopping is a like lot dating…

First, there is the ad… these are pretty much as accurate as dating profiles. No photos, or bad photos, abound, with inaccurate descriptions that are full of wishful thinking on the writers’ part then an honest assessment.

Then there is hope… maybe this IS the dream horse you have been looking for! Your heart does a little pitty pat of excitement! Tentatively you click and fill out a form, then wait and wait and wait for a reply.

About half of my requests end up with no reply. No answer that the horse has sold or died or whatever!

Of the half that respond – about 70 percent or more do not have a photo. Instead they want to set up a first date, with you paying the tab (i.e. drive, gas, time). Requests for basic information: shoes or barefoot, UTD on shots and worming, current Coggins, # of years of riding experience, type of riding, type of bit… all go ignored.

Instead the would be suitor tells you lots of ineffectual information such as 1.) horse likes carrots, and 2.) they care about the home the horse goes too (but yet ask you no information about yourself to determine the type of home).

Eventually, you go and risk that date. You might even bring those carrots. But like most blind dates (except the one where I met Hubby), you sadly realize the horse is just not the one for you.

Today, Big T is now lame on the right hind. Damn. However, this on and off again is why I need a riding horse.

It’s frustrating but with all the time I’ve owned this horse, this is how he is. Up and down. Riding and Not. Which means if I’m serious about continuing my riding, riding SOMEONE is needing to happen. And with Z, she is on the two year plan to get there.

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