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mouth update and more fence down

It’s been two months (about 10 weeks) since BigT got kicked in the mouth by his girl, Z. Here is what it looked like right after the fight: Sorry for the blur, he really didn’t want his mouth handled that day … Continue reading

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more about round pen sessions

A few weeks back I did some round pen sessions with Z that were videotaped for another person to view. For some time, I have not felt totally comfortable with the “how and why” of the round pen. I felt … Continue reading

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Understanding begins…

I am standing on the brink  of great understanding. Things are becoming clearer in the work and a depth that I have been searching for is being realized. Things that I have not grasped, that elusive star out of reach, … Continue reading

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Z with the neckrope

I had a wonderful day today with the horses and have much to report back to you… Even though it was hot hot hot – and 100 by 11 a.m. 😦 Anyway let’s focus on the good. First, after doing … Continue reading

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Raised Center Aisle (RCA) carport

For some reason I really like the RCA style barn… it’s visually pleasing and I have a plan on how to use a carport version for my pony area. Now, this is for small ponies to mini’s as the height … Continue reading

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