vet visit

Last week BigT came up lame on the right hind – the same area of the pelvic fracture. After five days of Bute and stall rest, it did not improve so I had scheduled the vet to look at him today.

Good news – it is merely a stone bruise on the toe and he should be feeling better soon. Tomorrow I will do an epsom salt soak for him.

She also checked his mouth and we were both very pleased by how it is healing. At the end of August, she will work on rasping him and making the teeth meet again.

At that time she’ll give shots to Z and Pandora; leave a shot for T (not good idea to do it at the same time as teeth work due to dislodging bacteria in the mouth etc…); and take a Coggins on Dee. I need to check my horses’ Coggins, but don’t think they are due until next spring. Since we don’t plan on going anywhere this fall/winter, they should be okay.

Confirmed that Dee’s issues were the fly allergy (not that I didn’t believe her owner, but I always like to doublecheck) and that her slow eating was not due to teeth which looked fine.

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