Raised Center Aisle (RCA) carport

For some reason I really like the RCA style barn… it’s visually pleasing and I have a plan on how to use a carport version for my pony area. Now, this is for small ponies to mini’s as the height of the carport RCA sides are not tall enough for larger ponies or horses (the middle section in this style would be).

RCA (raised central aisle) carport

Interior, metal roof support

Here are some of my thoughts on how I would convert the above structure into a pony barn (remember, if you want it for a horse barn, you will need to go up in height — I will post photos and a design plan for a wooden RCA pole barn that is for horses at a later date).

This plan includes a pony, loafing shelter (12′ wide) on one end with a full, north wall, and the north wall with insulation and interior lined in plywood. The red backwards L marks a half wall so ponies can look over or be petted. The interior red half wall would probably contain a slow-feed hay rack for inclement weather.

The green center aisle (16′ wide) is for grooming and caring for ponies. A cemented in tie post would have to be added for tying up. The pasture/paddock for the ponies would be accessible through the north gate, marked in blue.

Hay Storage (12′ wide) is right wing. It is separated by a full, insulated wall on the north and east sides, a half wall down the middle aisle (red) so ponies can’t reach over and eat, and a gate for easy loading of hay. The blue gate at the hay storage would open to road acces. This could also serve as a bedding, feed/supplement or tack storage – the block in yellow, which would open to the aisle, marked in blue. Choose solid walls for tack and clean up tools.

The depth of the unit is at least 26 feet, though I want to take some measurements and walk it out before finally deciding.

The open storage in pink (12′ wide) is just an extended roof (not shown in the photos) and is a covered area that could be used for seated viewing onto the playground, additional hay storage, a horse trailer, or store tractor implements (i.e. brushhog, arena harrow etc…).

A much, prettier and larger RCA with a side lean to by MD Enterprises:

This RCA carport was the unit I had in mine for the pony area when I designed this Pasture Paradise Plan:

The biggest plus is that these carports go up quickly and they can be made in any configuration of height, length, and wall sheathing whereever you desire, in many colors. In terms of getting something up and going it would be quite easy.

The biggest minus is that in a tornado they would be easily be destroyed. OTOH, anything hit directly by a tornado or is in the path of tornado winds you might as well kiss goodbye. Also, I think you could make it cheaper if you are a builder/carpenter, then the manufacturer can produce the unit.

Remember! Carports are generally not high enough for horses – raise the roof. Also all metal sheds or stalls need metal walls sheathed in plywood to insure that no horse would kick through the metal. Yes, I’ve seen it happen (twice), thankfully not to my horse as one had to be humanely euthanized and the other (which should have been euthanized) is a barely functioning cripple for life.

Also, anchors into the ground using Mobile Home Ties are needed… (again, can only withstand winds up to so much – a direct tornado or tornadic winds would rip it like a can opener):

Raised off the ground, but shows the ground bar

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