Understanding begins…

I am standing on the brink  of great understanding. Things are becoming clearer in the work and a depth that I have been searching for is being realized.

Things that I have not grasped, that elusive star out of reach, is now a possiblity. Much to do and learn still (of course) but yet, an orgasmic intellectual joy in seeing mind and body and spirit aligning.

Many events over the last two months have conspired to start me down this path…

Gallop to Freedom has been so helpful; things that I have been believing from Klaus Hempflings, Dancing with Horses and What Horses Reveal came into focus with Gallop.

Reading What Horses Reveal this week, soaking into the first two sections which explores the symbolic and even mythological Jungian-style aspect of the horse: Horse as Chaos and Mirror. Things that I had thought I understood, were suddenly cast into a different light…

By coincidence (?) or serendipty, some of this actually relates to Julians’ latest post…that of the Shepherd (which Hempfling discusses in some depth) – and the relationship the Shepherd has with the sheep that he leads or is led by…?  and the Fool, or Child Aspect (which again is part of the approach Hempfling encourages in keeping an open mind to learning about your horse (aside – did  you Julian understand that Graydeer in the story is this aspect…?)

Hempfling talks about a series of photos of him working with a horse: is he leading the horse or is he putting himself in the place that the horse will go?

Revealing work with Z tonight in doing this Mirror exercise – putting myself in the path that Z wanted to go, (to the Centered Riding exercise Dancing Hands and paired Tantra breathing exercises).

A halter, leadrope and two beings facing each other, focused and moving back and forth with no end. It didn’t last long but is the key to the door opening the path I want to go…

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3 Responses to Understanding begins…

  1. This is interesting. I wrote that tale for L, who needed the story at that point in her journey. (As with the previous story in three parts.) Sometimes to me she is the holy fool, and occasionally I am the wise hermit. Well I did wonder about Greydeer. His bluntness at first shocked me, but isn’t that the way with such characters? The young tart of a girl merited rebuke, and what a great mirror he made for her.

    I’ve met a number of shepherds over the years. Like gypsies they lack the mystique allocated by writers and dreamers, and often just are smelly lonely old men. Never did I meet a white-clad young man playing pan pipes. But there was a resillience to then, a crude wisdom, a generosity and banter that I enjoyed. It was fun to ride out to meet them, and I miss those days.

    If it isn’t too probing a question, do you write straight from your heart? I find that stories simply flow out, certainly these short tales. Once started they are hard to stop. There is a joy in the telling, and it would be nice to think that there is meaning in the reading of them.

    • horseideology says:

      Hm Greydeer was developed from some reading I had stumbled upon about Native American shaman-clowns who uses shock techniques to educate people. Like standing in an elevator with the face to the back door. Turning people’s conceptions upside down.

      I think I may send you a copy of What Horses Reveal, the first third of the book I think would interest you, though I don’t know about the rest.

      On writing from the heart…characters spring from things I know and feel, though are probably painted richer colors then what I’ve actually experienced. There are also some characters who attract me just because they always have – the damaged heroine who fights back is one of those themes.

      BTW chapter 3 has horses in it 😛

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