mouth update and more fence down

It’s been two months (about 10 weeks) since BigT got kicked in the mouth by his girl, Z. Here is what it looked like right after the fight:

Sorry for the blur, he really didn’t want his mouth handled that day and who could blame him!The top two center teeth were smashed back at least by 1/2 an inch and the gash in the gum revealed the root of his tooth! His teeth were extremely wobbly and he went on two rounds of pencillin (first a series of shots, then an oral series) in order to clear up the infection.

Here is the update photo for today:

Today, I needed to check and make sure the teeth were firmly set and ready for a vet appt to rasp them even. A thumb pushing on the top two center teeth proved that they were set; and the gum gash has healed to pink flesh with no opening other then a “scar” in the gum itself which I don’t know if will eventually close or not.

Now just as he is healing this mouth problem and the stone bruise issue, he OF COURSE, finds something else to get into trouble about. Sometime Friday, he got into it with one of the mares (most likely Z) and the corner post of the gate is now fractured and two rails down. The worst is that he came out of it with a swollen right hind fetlock! So lame again! and back on Bute.

Even in the bit of time we were working on the fence, he charged the two geldings on the other side of the fence to tell them he was the boss! So Dominant Gelding, Dominant Filly, Dominant Mare and Dominant pony!!

Damn, what are these horses’ trying to do to me!??

Everyone take a chill pill and relax!!

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