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ground driving 2-lines

I’ve been working with Z on ground driving. We started with one line and have graduated with two, but are still working on walk, move on, halt, back and turn cues in the round pen.

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Round pen: more tension

Working a horse, without any tack, in the round pen is one of the quickest ways to finding out information about your horse. If you ever go horse shopping, try to work the horse in this manner to really learn … Continue reading

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Barn Design: gate sizes

Gates come in a lot of different sizes so this is a quick review of what size would be appropriate for what application: 4′ gate or door: A width appropriate for one horse pass through such as a stall or … Continue reading

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vet visit

Last week BigT came up lame on the right hind – the same area of the pelvic fracture. After five days of Bute and stall rest, it did not improve so I had scheduled the vet to look at him … Continue reading

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