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Yesterday evening, my daughter, while inline skating, broke a small bone in her wrist. She is now in a splint with ice while we await an appointment and referral to an orthopedic surgeon. Between children, husband, dogs, cats and horses, I’ve … Continue reading

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The Big Man surprises (again)

Rode my TB, Big Guy today. I wasn’t expecting much as he has had soundness issues all summer due to injuries and all the post- pelvic fracture rides has shown clear unevenness that I figured was here to stay. However, … Continue reading

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Plans for horses

The weather has started to cool for fall so the time spent with horses will now increase. As I worked all of them today, I realized that I have three different horses in completely different places, which makes the work … Continue reading

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For some time I have suspected that some of Z’s misbehavior is pain-related (tip offs: would not canter in liberty or pasture, had hard time lifting hind feet for trimming, was uncomfortable having back touched, would pin ears when going … Continue reading

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There is a huge, and I mean huge, trap-like covering laid out in the commons. It’s some sort of business banner that’s about the size of a billboard. Z, who has never been walked over a tarp, dragged me over … Continue reading

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Big Guy seemed off so in addition to checking out his mouth (healed perfectly, nothing needs to be done), Dr. Cowgirl, also checked his right hind. Basically, sound. Perhaps some arthritis but back to work. What a Scam Artist!

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up tempo

Took Z outside the roundpen and worked her in the commons with a halter/leadrope and a cavelleti. Hope to graduate with the neckrope and then eventually to the back pasture and companion walking on the trail again once the flies die down. I’ve … Continue reading

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