A box you can’t ship

When there is something painful you don’t want to face, you can just put it in a box. The box doesn’t need a lock or a closet or cord to tie it. You simply don’t think about it – which makes it go invisible.

The problem with invisible boxes is that they continue to have a form. They continue to have a weight. So there’s always a chance that you might stub your toe on an invisible box. Trip over it and fall out a window. Or maybe the weight of it will fall through the floor and flatten you below.

Eventually you have to deal with it. These things do not go away even if you can’t see them.

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1 Response to A box you can’t ship

  1. I know about these boxes. Even out of sight they play upon one’s mind. They may seem to be hidden but then a part of the content appears somewhere else as if the badness can ooze out and migrate. There is only one solution…

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