the changes with age

The temps have dropped dramatically to a level that is comfortable to be outside. After I wrapped up class, I left to the barn where I worked Z a bit and then rode Dee.

I am not the person I used to be. I guess all of us could claim that but in many ways I feel less then what I was and not more. Or perhaps it irks me that I have grown more cautious with age, less willing to adamantly believe everything is black and white, and slower to make quick judgements. There is a comfort in knowing what you want, who you are, and where you are going. That is the certainity of youth and yes I miss it.

I am no longer young and riding is approached far differently today then it was yesteryear. Today, I spend a lot of time observing a horse before getting on their back. I don’t believe a word that anyone tells me about their horse. I know also there are no firm answers and that often what I think one day won’t be  what I think tomorrow.

Case in point. When Dee first arrived, I thought she might be more spooky then her owner thought. I also thought it would take me longer to get her to connect with me. I have been wrong on both counts. She is pretty level headed overall and has already bonded strongly with me.

Last week I told the BO I was surprised that Dee was already meeting me at the gate when I called; her reply was “of course, all your horses like you!”


As I wrapped up cleaning the loafing shed, I hung out under the big Oak tree. Big Guy came over in his quiet way to share with me. I told him that tomorrow he could have a spa day. Z came over the other side and stood parallel, her cheek touching the back of my shoulder. Dee also walked over, thinking she might push into BigT I asked her to stop…

and so I was surronded by my three good friends, all ears forward, sharing their peace and goodness with me.

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