T needs me

I’ve felt that ever since the move, that T-man has been neglected. He’s been in and out of trouble all summer long, first getting infested with ticks all over his groin, rubbing off half of his tail as a consequence of the itching healing process, then getting kicked in the face, and twice coming up lame in his feet.

He’s at the point right now where I am becoming worried and feel Something Must be Done!

1.) Call vet on Tuesday and get Dr. Cowgirl out to rasp his teeth even.

2.) With the teeth issues he did not lose weight but he did lose a hell of a lot of topline. I think this is because he just isn’t moving about like he needs to do. Back to rehab exercises.

3.) His hooves have become crappy with Thrush! Gawd! I think this is because when he hurt his leg last month and then the stone bruise, he just hasn’t been moving about like he should. The heat has not helped as he chooses to stay in the cover of the barn instead of going out to graze the dried, burnt up grass.

I sense an exhastion around him that I really concerns me. I will try to get his APF supplement this month. He ran out of his Artrhoxigen and I do think that was helping him, so back on that too.

Today I groomed his tail out and thoroughly conditioned it with Shapley’s Elegance Conditioner.  This is the first time I’ve used this product and it took a lot more then the small amount the advertising states and it leaves a slightly greasy residue on my hands and his tail.

On the plus side, it really did soften his tail and this is saying something as this horse has the most coarse mane I’ve ever seen. I worked it well into his tail bone to relive him of the dandruff he routinely gets on his tailbone.

BTW I am probably the only person on the planet who is not a fan of Shapley’s M-T-G which is suppose to “miracle grow” tails. First, I used it religiously on a horse and saw no more then average tail growth; and secondly it smells like bacon grease. If I wanted to apply bacon grease I could put some back Sundays’ morning breakfast and save some $$!

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