For some time I have suspected that some of Z’s misbehavior is pain-related (tip offs: would not canter in liberty or pasture, had hard time lifting hind feet for trimming, was uncomfortable having back touched, would pin ears when going a certain direction). Not all of it of course as she is naturally dominant.

When Dr. D worked her in April she showed some pretty strong reactions and I knew that I wanted her done on a regular basis. However, finances, as always put a stop to that and Dr. D hasn’t seen any of the horses since April. Boy, that is 6 months ago!

Since that time, Z kicked T in the face, got a huge gash on her leg requiring 10 shots of pencillin, kicked down two lines of fence TWICE, and shattered two, 4×4 cemented in posts on separate occassions. Not to mention, bucking me off, and then almost kicking me in the face yesterday when I asked her to circle to the right.

Last night’s chiro visit was like doing battle. I was the first wounded, as I caught Z’s kick with her right hind on the fleshy part of my shin. Today, it looks like it might bruise but no swelling; mostly a scratch.

Watching her move, her left hind was going half the distance as her right hind.

The entire evening was plowing rock: Z struggled and tried to bite us; and she repeatedly tried to kick us. I kept despairing she wouldn’t settle down (and she never really did) and it looked like the appt. was going to go half unfinished, until I took my hands and just started rubbing her hard across her sore spots until she accepted it. Then the chiropractor stood behind me, reached over pushed her back into place.

This was the only way Dr. D could adjust area in her lumbar area that is clearly giving her trouble. What I thought was a natural deviation is instead a huge swelling and inflammation on her spine.

We both were rode hard and put up wet by the end of the epic battle of chiropracty.

Today, by doctors’ request, I made Z a special icepack. Two Target bags, doublebagged, with half a bag of convenience store ice inserted. Let it sag into an oblong shape about 1 foot long then wrap with duct tape. Insert into large black garbage bag.

Feed horse a flake of alfalfa. Put ice pack on lumbar region so it sags over left and right of the spine with ice equally distributed over the entire area. Pull up lawn chair and hold halter until horse completes alfalfa. Remove ice pack after 15 minutes or more time.

Z took it extremely well. I was even able to remove the halter and let her eat her hay without supervision. When she moved to the water, it did not disrupt the ice pack. I’ll ice her again tomorrow evening and Tuesday, then work her Thursday and see how she is feeling.

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